Get help with your garden furniture.

It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on garden furniture or patio furniture. The weather will eventually wear it out, and every year, one or more chairs need to be replaced. Plastic ones can lose their shine, or worse, a leg snaps. Wooden ones are great for firewood. Metal ones rust easily, especially in the welded areas. You can increase your outdoor furniture’s longevity by taking a few extra cares every year. Covering them or putting them away will protect them until they are needed again.

Start with plastic chairs! These chairs are inexpensive and stack well, which makes winter storage much more accessible. They will last only a few seasons outdoors, but some care can help them last longer. Plastics may not be recyclable, so it is essential to clean them regularly. It is possible to clean the plastic with vinegar and hot water. Use chlorine and bleach to clean the plastic. They can cause the plastic to deteriorate and create lighter spots on colored plastic. If the plastic is beginning to degrade, this can be a problem. While you might feel tempted to use some elbow grease and steel wool, a more gentle method is to rub the plastic with baking soda on a sponge. Once dry, polish with WD40 or car wax.
Wooden furniture can be different because each wood type requires different care. First, make sure to read the care label that came with your furniture. Wooden tables and chairs need to be taken care of, or they will turn ugly or rot. There are many products and methods to choose from online or from your local DIY shop. However, a coat of latex paint may be a better option than oil-based paint since it doesn’t require frequent touch-ups. You can use a water sealant if you don’t want to ruin the wood look. If neither of these options appeals to you, then consider varnish. This will protect the wood while still allowing the natural beauty to shine through. Teak is a particular wood that requires a gentle washing down. Once dry, a sealer should be applied to protect the wood’s color. They are typically solvent-based and water-like inconsistency and protect against mold, UV light, and moisture.

The metal chairs are pretty durable. Most have a protective coating to keep rain from rusting. You can wash the chair with mild soapy water and then rinse it off. They can be cleaned with soap and water if they have a plastic weave or faux wicker back. However, eventually, the sun will make the plastic brittle and break down. They might be better stored or covered up during the off-season.

Steel is strong and durable, but it will rust, expand, and weaken over time. However, a good paint job can help to preserve it. The beautiful cast iron Victorian tables, chairs, and tables are my favorite. If you have any, they will need to be wire brushed, sanded, and painted. But it will be worth the effort. Cast aluminum furniture is quickly becoming the most popular outdoor furniture because it is lightweight, durable, light, and versatile. It also comes with a protective powder coating that can be easily repainted if it becomes chipped.

For now, however, you can enjoy your outdoor space and make plans to renovate it later in the year.